Leveraging Support to Initiate BIG Change – with Jes Lassiter


If you’re looking to make a big change or pursue an extraordinary venture, the first step is to share your intentions and then accept help when it’s offered. This can be challenging for those of us in higher ed, as we’re used to providing a support system rather than tapping into one ourselves. But seeking out someone (or multiple someones) willing to champion you is often just what you need to gain the courage to move forward.

Jes Lassiter currently serves as a Financial Analyst with JB Hunt Transport, but prior to earning her graduate degree in economics and finance in 2017, she spent three years as an Assistant General Manager with Capstone On-Campus Management. In Jes’ role with COCM, she supported students at Walker Avenue Apartments and served as a liaison with the University of Maryland—Baltimore County. Jes was an active participant in the Women’s Leadership Initiative at Capstone and continues to work in the space through JB Hunt’s Growing & Retaining Outstanding Women program.

Today, Jes joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to share her responsibilities around student accounts and financial reports as Assistant General Manager with COCM, discussing how she improved processes to help students fulfill their financial obligations. She also reflects on how her time at COCM and the support she received from colleagues there inspired her to pursue a master’s from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Listen in to understand how Jes is applying what she learned at COCM in her current role and learn why Jes encourages you to find people who will champion you in taking the next step—and accept help when it’s offered!

Topics Covered

  • How Jes transitioned to COCM from one of its campus partners
  • Jes’ responsibilities around student accounts + financial reports
  • How Jes helped improve a process to benefit students at Walker
  • Why Jes values the operations experience she gained at COCM
  • Jes’ master’s from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
  • How the skills Jes learned at COCM translate to her current role
  • How COCM’s Women’s Leadership Initiative influenced Jes
  • Jes’ advice on finding someone to champion you + accepting help
  • Why it’s crucial to recognize and take advantage of opportunities

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