Landscaping Woes? Get Some Goats!


The staff at Towson Place Apartments had some landscaping to do, so they hired some help. Gretchen Smutney, the site director, had recently seen an article in the Baltimore Sun about how their school found a creative and environmentally smart way to manage overgrowth and invasive plants. They brought in goats, who will, over time, get rid of up to 98% of all invasive plants.

So Towson Place Apartments, a student community at Towson University, decided to give it shot. Managed by a mildly electrified fence to tell the goats where to work, they just started on the first section. The plan is to clean up weeds, ivy growing on the ground and the tree trunks, and even poison ivy.


The goats come from Harmony Church Farm, in Darlington, Maryland.