“How to Create – and Maintain – Healthy Student Life”



As we close out one school year and are deep in preparations for a new one to start in just a couple of months, take the time to read this great, thought-provoking article from The Presidency. It is relevant whatever your role may be in higher ed.  NASPA President, Kevin Kruger, offers common sense, comprehensive views on a wide range of vital issues that exist on every campus today – student life (which can have different meanings depending on your campus), student satisfaction, President’s relationships with their students, and mental health issues – to name a few.

Considering the current events we’ve seen on college campuses across the country that have made national news just this past spring term, it pays to stop and reflect on what the culture is on your campus and how adjustments can be made to make it a healthier place for everyone to live, learn, work, and co-exist.