How Do You Serve?


When you think of how you serve students on campus, are you being intentional?  Are you trying to find ways to not only serve campus but the local community?

Capstone On Campus Management had the privilege to partner with Holy Family Cristo Rey High School from 2013-2015.  Part of the Holy Family mission is to empower students to develop their minds and become lifelong contributors to society. This is a value system Capstone holds not only for our professional staff but we hope we are assisting students on our campuses to live this value too.

Joshua Hightower served as corporate intern once a week during his junior and senior year.  Below are comments related to his experience at Capstone.  Joshua graduated a few days ago and hopes to attend Birmingham Southern College in the fall.

“Time has passed, the day has come, and it’s hard to believe that my work here is done. My Capstone experience

has been phenomenal. From the headaches to mistakes and the challenges I’ve faced, I can truly say it’s pushed me to strive for excellence in everything I do.

Coming in was not what I expected, my thoughts were “this is going to be a simple secretarial job.” After the first two weeks those thoughts disappeared completely and I was exposed to so much more than filing papers and answering phones. My supervisors invested many days sitting down and teaching me proper business etiquette, computer skills, work life balance, critical thinking and so much more! I consider this as a once in a life time opportunity having a group of encouraging individuals that cared beyond teaching me skills for work but skills I will need later on in my career path.”

Capstone was honored to witness Joshua’s growth and we look forward to seeing his success in college and career.

Joshua Hightower grew up in the greater Birmingham area.  He enjoys texting, automobiles and plays four musical instruments.

Tara Wilkinson serves as Vice President of Administration and has been with Capstone since 2004.  She has partici

Tara informal

pated in JustFaith and served as facilitator in the Jobs for Life program.