Free is a Good Thing


The driving motivation behind launching the Student Housing Matters blog in 2012 was a desire to “give back” to higher education.  To provide a platform for those dedicated to strong on-campus housing programs to share ideas and encourage each other.   We also wanted the blog to reflect an important value we possess – that well planned on-campus housing programs can be a strong factor in student success.

Based upon this same motivation, we have recently added two new free resources on our web site:
1.        “3 Models of Management”  This presentation provides an overview of the three options for structuring an agreement with a third-party student housing management company.  In short, it helps explain how these type arrangements don’t have to be an all or nothing proposition with your selected provider.
2.       “The $ of Recruitment”  This brief presentation illustrates how recruiting and retention impacts the bottom line at a campus.   An example using a fictional campus is used for illustration. 
We hope these resources will be helpful to our friends and colleagues involved with on-campus student housing programs.
Oh and stay tuned, we’ll be adding more free resources in the coming weeks.