Foreign students examine benefits of studying in U.S.


Great article about the reasons international students choose to study in America.  It makes me proud and thankful for the opportunities that can be found in this great country.

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Great colleges, diversity and great job opportunities are just a few of the reasons foreign students choose to study in America.

Upon returning from a study abroad trip, many American students spin tales of foreign countries and positive experiences. Eating baguettes in France, snapping pictures in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and drinking Sangria in Spain seem to come along with the territory.

But, what do international students studying in America find when they study here? Do they regale their friends with anecdotes about eating Big Macs, checking out Times Square and watching reality television? Or, are they disappointed with our culture?

A 2012 U.S. News survey reported 764,495 students came to study in America that year, a 6% increase from year’s prior. As this number increases, some wonder about the benefits of studying in the USA.

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