Focus on Gratitude: Good Problems


I’m thankful for the all the problems that create the need for COCM. 

That probably sounds confusing because who welcomes a problem, but if it weren’t for schools wanting their residential students to have an exceptional experience while living on campus, we wouldn’t exist.  And if it weren’t for all the different problems that are a part of providing that service we wouldn’t have all the amazing people who work here, diligently solving those problems every day of the year. 

So the more of these problems that exist, and sometimes the more complex they are, the more opportunity we have to shine individually and as a company.  

It’s really tempting to complain about the latest problem that crops up (and I do quite often) but I try to think of it with thankfulness that it’s challenging me to solve it in a genuine way that creates value and responds to the need. 

Will Davenport

Chief Operating Officer