Focus on Gratitude: Blessed with Talent


I recently celebrated my 15th year with COCM.  When I came to work for COCM, I had a plan of working for 3-5 years with a private company and then returning to a university, but that never happened. I found my professional home. I am grateful to have found a place where I have been able to grow, continue to develop my skills, and work with great people. 

I am thankful for the different experiences I have had in the last 15 years. I have opened new communities and transitioned existing communities. I have traveled the country to serve our communities and to tell other potential partners about COCM. No two days were ever the same. All these opportunities have helped me to continue to develop into the leader I am today.

As COCM continues to celebrate its 20th year anniversary, it has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on just how remarkable our team is.

I have been supported by wonderful supervisors while at COCM. I am truly constantly impressed by our team at the corporate level and those serving our communities. I work with individuals who value serving our stakeholders and students, and that share my values. 

When you work with an astounding team, it sure makes it much easier to come to work. I am truly fortunate to work with such wonderful people. Of all the things I have been grateful for while at COCM, the people, both current and past, are at the top of our list.  As Doug likes to say, we really are just a talent company, and we are blessed with the best talent in the business.

Jeremy Biddy

Executive Vice President of Operations