Higher Education’s Preparation for Ebola


The current Ebola outbreak is something everyone is keeping an eye on.  After it’s initial entry into the United States (where the CDC was criticized heavily), the measures put in place have seemingly been effective. I’ve recently been sent a couple articles about what higher education institutions are doing in preparation that I thought would be interesting to share: Universities, Colleges Make Ebola Preparations U.S. colleges screen students from West Africa for Ebola as fears grow over epidemic University of Oxford’s page: Ebola: information, advice and support  The CDC’s Advice for Colleges, Universities, and Students About Ebola in West Africa I think it’s important not to overhype, or scare people about Ebola, but I do think it is important to also be prepared.  Is your institution taking precautions?  Is it overhyped, or appropriate, in your opinion? bcollins2