COCM – a GREAT place to work!


COCM_logo_notag-01In 2012, COCM kicked off an annual employee survey and we completed our fourth one recently. It started out as an effort to understand what all our employees, not just directors, think and feel about us a company. What it has become, is a way for our leadership team to quickly assess where we excel or fall short, can better expend resources to provide the largest impact, and need to focus for the future.

Over the last four years, the most surprising result is how consistent our data has been for many of the categories and questions. This consistency provides a solid base for engagement and employment factors so we can truly see if a new initiative is detrimental to our overall health as an organization or provides a positive outcome.

This year’s results show:

  • Almost 68% of our non-student employees are interested in growth with us; a boon for COCM since we tend to promote from within and have communities all over the country.
  • A majority of employees:
    • Would recommend working for COCM (84.9%)
    • Are comfortable with their colleagues (83.6%)
    • Believe their suggestions are considered by supervisors/colleagues (83.6%)
    • Believe COCM cares about their employees (81.9%)
    • Feel supported by their supervisor (81.2%)
    • Feel they are treated fairly by COCM (80%)
    • Believe their contributions are recognized (74.4%)
  • Two stats we are very proud to see are:
    • 87.7% of our employees feel they are a part of a team fulfilling the mission of COCM,
    • 87.6% of our employees believe COCM cares about our partner schools.

Both of these are really a BIG accomplishment– they mean our culture of customer service and relationship building, at all levels of the organization, are indeed felt, believed in and noticed.

There are other highlights since our first survey. We’ve made a real dent in making sure our employees have the training they need to do their jobs (79.5% answered positively in 2015) as well as providing professional development opportunities (79.5% have taken advantage of opportunities in 2015). Both items have had significant improvement since our first survey in 2012. It doesn’t mean our job is done, but does tell us we are heading in the right direction.

Since there are a number of other pieces of information we want to know, we’ll be launching quarterly surveys in 2016 to supplement our annual fall survey. The fall survey will remain an “employee temperature” survey, but each quarter will focus on different aspects of employee engagement, development and leadership. Our goal is to round out our information to provide an even better environment for COCM’s employees.

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