Celebrities that Started Out as Resident Assistants


sherylcrow300Anyone who has worked in or anywhere near a Residence Life department knows that resident assistants are afforded some very unique and invaluable experiences during their career.  The lessons that an R.A. teaches and learns, can lay a great foundation for a successful future, no matter the course chosen.  We thought it would be fun to find out what famous people had roots as an R.A. before they went on to see their name in lights.

  • Sheryl Crow – University of Missouri, Columbia ~submitted by Sandy Hill
  • Adam Sandler – New York University ~submitted by Neil McMillion, UAB
  • Hillary Clinton – Wellesley College ~submitted by Deanne P., North Seattle Community College
  • Katie Couric – University of Virginia ~submitted by Ory S., University of Virginia
  • Jerry O’Connell – New York University ~submitted by Carter Roane
  • Donald Glover – New York University ~submitted by Jackie Miller
  • Mike Ditka – Pittsburgh University ~submitted by Gary Parsons
  • Donna Shalala (University of Miami President) – Syracuse University ~submitted by Gary Parsons
  • Wesley Snipes – State University of New York at Purchase ~submitted by Katie Bettinger

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