“Can the middle class afford college?”



Jeff Selingo’s recent article in the Washington Post entitled “Can the middle class afford college?” brought to light, very sobering and disheartening facts for middle Americans striving to earn a higher education degree and balance the crucial financial component.

An excerpt from the article, raises the point of the discussion by My. Selingo “as college prices continue to rise faster than the income levels of many Americans, it begs the question: what happens to those families just on the other side of the low-income cutoff for many financial aid programs?” Robert Kelchen, an assistant professor of higher education at Seton Hall University and an expert on student aid said that these students “are getting squeezed on both ends because they barely miss Pell Grants and they are not the types of students getting grants from colleges themselves.”

Sandy Hill, Executive Vice President for COCM, offered her take on the issue – “It seems that shopping for the best overall “value” and being vocal that the overall aid package will help make the decision are good strategies.”

Take the time to read the article in full. It is something that hits home for so many seeking a degree at this time.