Bill Gates on Higher Education


Global Economic Crisis: Role and Challenges of the G20: William H. Gates III

If you were fortunate enough to attend the NACUBO Annual Conference in Seattle this summer, hopefully you were able to hear the keynote speaker’s address to the assembly.  Bill Gates was the keynote this year and had some very good, yet sobering perspectives on the challenges faced within higher education today and the changing landscape of higher education.  He hit the highlights on many topics being discussed and debated right now, as well as a number of topics that are not being discussed nearly enough right now.

His remarks are shared here and are worth taking the time to read. I’ll leave you with his closing comments and hope you will read his full address when you have a few moments.

“The role of education is more critical than ever. The role for equality, the role for our country, the role to lead the way, create the jobs of the future, using technology. It can all be done in an amazing way. It will be a period of turmoil and challenge, and I think you will rise to the occasion.”