Move-In Photo Contest 2013 Winner: University of Houston


Day 5 – Univ. of Houston giant team photo[/caption] The 2013 move-in contest was a really neat way to see what the move-in process looks like at schools across the country.  We received over 125 photos over the two weeks and hate that everyone couldn’t win because it was extremely fun going through them all.  But as you might have seen, the overall winner was the University of Houston and their group photo.  It was a great picture of the team/support system they have going at their institution.  I asked Brian Hall, Residence Life Coordinator at UH, if he could share any words about his team there to let everyone get to know the people in the photo…

At the University of Houston, we believe in caring for all aspects of our residents – body, mind and spirit. This means making sure their living/learning spaces are clean and comfortable. This means that we offer them guidance and support to make them successful in the classroom and out. This means providing them with opportunities that will inspire growth. This means that everyone in Student Housing and Residential Life – from administrators,  live-in staff, resident advisors, and support staff give 100% of themselves. At the University of Houston, our team makes this all happen.  This picture shows how much support our students have, and that anything they need we are here for them.

The university and its students living on campus is lucky to have a team like this one in their corner! Congrats to the University of Houston housing and residence life department! bcollins2