Capital Projects

Continual capital improvements are essential to ensuring our communities remain in optimal condition and meet the ever-evolving needs of our students. COCM believes in the proactive development of a 10-year capital that is reviewed annually. By doing this, projects are planned well advance, may be completed in phases when necessary, and allows our owners to anticipate upcoming projects so funding can be made available. 

COCM’s project management service takes capital project planning to the next step, capital project execution. This service provides additional support with project development and oversight, so these projects can be completed effective without interfering with the onsite staff’s day to day responsibilities. These services include development of project scope, vendor research, request for proposal development, bid management, and project oversight. 


Investing in Capital Improvements increases the lifespan of facilities and helps maintain resident satisfaction. 

Proactive planning is key to ensure funding can be allocated and projects can be scheduled to align with the average life cycle for assets. 

Effective project management is the essential to successful execution of facility improvements 

Jeremy Steed

Vice President of Facilities

COCM specializes in providing one-of-a-kind solutions for one-of-a-kind campuses. We’re able to provide a host of options to help you realize your potential growth.