Our Communities

COCM’s management partnerships reflect a diverse portfolio of experience with student markets, unit and facility types, as well as locations:

  • Non-profit and for-profit owners.
  • Undergraduate and graduate residents.
  • Domestic and international students.
  • Single communities and entire campus housing programs.
  • Private and public universities.
  • Small and large institutions.
  • Two and four-year institutions.
  • Suites and apartments.
  • Low to high-rise communities.
  • Protected wood frame, steel and concrete frame construction.
  • Urban and suburban campuses.
  • U.S. regions: Southeast, Northeast, Mid-West, Southwest, and West.
  • University Park Apartments

    Salisbury University

    Salisbury, MD

    890 Beds Region: Mid-Atlantic

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  • McCartney Street Project

    Lafayette College

    Easton, PA

    165 Beds Region: Northeast

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  • The Villages

    University of South Florida

    Tampa, FL

    1,923 Beds Region: Southeast

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  • The Daumier

    Western University of Health Sciences

    Pomona, CA

    305 Beds Region: West

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  • The Cross

    Oklahoma University

    Norman, OK

    1,231 Beds Region: Midwest

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  • UMass Boston’s On-Campus Housing

    University of Massachusetts Boston

    Boston, MA

    1,076 Beds Region: Northeast

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