COCM Launches New Website


COCM (Capstone On-Campus Management) has launched a new website for student housing professionals, developers, and owners to learn more about the dynamic and constantly evolving student housing industry. The site not only shares information specific to COCM and the services the company provides, but also broader information on student housing and how it impacts the success of students on-campus.

“Our goal in launching a new website was not simply to tell our story and what we do as a company, but to also create a space for conversations around the opportunities in student housing for campuses everywhere.”

Leigh Anne Gilbert, Director of Creative and Brand Marketing at COCM

The new website shares with visitors a clear understanding of how COCM can help campuses across the nation with their services: operations and management, Fresh Eyes consulting, pre-opening services, and conference services. Digging deeper into the pages, you can discover the history of the company, the current portfolio they serve with over 36,000 beds on 37 campuses across the USA, the unique approach they take to on-campus housing versus off-campus housing, the qualified team they have built to serve their partners, what those partners are saying about working with COCM and the company’s latest news.

Beyond these pages though, there are also resources, tools, videos, articles and even a podcast exploring topics from student retention and satisfaction to how COVID-19 has impacted the use and design of student housing developments. Specifically, COCM has launched a resources page with white papers and e-books pertaining to different student housing topics. Alongside that, the company has re-branded its blog Student Housing Matters to make it easy for visitors to find the blog, video, or podcast that interests them most. They also have linked the company’s proprietary tool, the Student Housing Calculator, that helps campuses best plan for student demand for housing. The formulas help analyze past and current enrollment patterns, housing yields, and occupancy trends to provide a long-term projection of future housing demand.

Visit COCM’s new website and see for yourself how much you may not know about student housing. It is clear viewing their new online home that COCM is committed to educating, improving and adding value to the student housing industry. By creating this online space to intentionally find, create and produce quality content to share with individuals involved in the student housing fields, COCM is eager to engage with anyone interested in learning about residence life, student housing, colleges and universities, and those in the higher education community.