Colleges Get Creative with Fundraising

This is a fascinating article about how colleges are now using crowdfunding to reach a younger pool of potential donors.  Note how the College of Holy Cross raised nearly $2 million in less than 48 hours.

Don’t Make These New Grad Mistakes…

Thousands of students will be receiving their diploma in the next few weeks and embarking on their first job search. Director of COCM Human Resources, Keisha Cherry, has put together some great tips for new grads. Submit your resume and cover letter in PDF format.  Resume formats can move around when changing operating systems. Don’t expect…

New Rule Extends Stay in US for Some Foreign Grads

Good news published recently in The New York Times regarding grads in specified fields that wish to remain in the US. International students earning degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields in the United States will now be eligible to stay for three years of on-the-job training. Read the full article here.    

Student Affairs and Exercise

Amy Lorenz is a COCM’s Director at Bowling Green State University. You may have caught her on a recent podcast (How I Got Into Student Housing-Amy Lorenz) on the blog.  Amy wrote a really great blog post about student affairs and fitness on her personal blog, and she was kind enough to let us re-post…

Small Changes…Big Payoffs

  Great article this week in the Washington Post.  The act of addressing the issues faced by these students and thousands of others like them across the country, could mean untold dividends for those seeking a college degree and beyond.      

“Wanted…A Harvard for Skilled Jobs”

Great post by our friend and author, Jeff Selingo, regarding his soon to be released book, “There is Life After College.”  This post provides an introduction to the focus of his book: the need for more alternative schools and other options (versus traditional college route) for young, post-high school men and women to be equipped…

The Passing of a Man Who Forever Changed the World of Communication

Raymond Tomlinson is not a household name. Yet, the majority of households in the country, daily use a method of communication Mr. Tomlinson created in 1971. Email. Mr. Tomlinson will forever be remembered for his invention of email, as we know it today.  Also to his credit, is the way in which emails are communicated…

On-Line Learning and the Rising Freshman

“Study suggests acceptance of online education still lags among high school students.” Interesting article from Inside Higher Ed about high school students’ perception of on-line learning.  It seems this cohort would see it as a “given,” but that may not necessarily be the case.    

Trust, Experience and Message Count

From The New York Times: New Hampshire Takeaways: Trust, Experience and Message Count The nation’s first primary showed strengths for Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump, and challenges for Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. Interesting article on the New Hampshire primary results. Great message for anyone or institution:  Trust, Experience and Message count.

Cornish Commons Wins DJC Building of the Year

So excited that Cornish Commons, serving the students of Cornish College of the Arts, has been named Seattle Building of the Year.  Congratulations to the Capstone Development Partners team for developing such a beautiful building. Daily Journal of Commerce Selects Cornish Commons at Seattle’s Building of the Year

COCM – a GREAT place to work!

In 2012, COCM kicked off an annual employee survey and we completed our fourth one recently. It started out as an effort to understand what all our employees, not just directors, think and feel about us a company. What it has become, is a way for our leadership team to quickly assess where we excel…