Office Assistant

College Park, MD, US

Job Title: Office Assistant

Location: College Park, MD, US


The Office Assistant is a part-time student position requiring a commitment of approximately 10 hours per week.  The Office Assistant works to support The Courtyards Main Office by working at the Front Desk and serving as the first point of contact for visitors/callers to the office. Further, the Office Assistant is a member of our team and is expected to contribute to the operational progress of the apartment community as a whole. As a member of the Courtyards Staff, the Office Assistant (OA) is responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive and welcoming environment for all guests of the community. The Office Assistant reports to the Assistant Director for Resident Life.

The following are the specific qualifications and general descriptions of the major areas of responsibility. Courtyards professional staff members may assign additional tasks as needed.


  • A semester and cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.
  • Full-time enrollment as an undergraduate degree-seeking student at the University of Maryland.
  • Be available to serve on the staff for a calendar year, or the remainder of an academic year. Re-employment is contingent upon performance.
  • Be available for a portion of the work week, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Terms of Agreement:

  • Anticipated Contract Period: August to May, with the opportunity to work through the summer.
  • Termination of employment by either party, Office Assistant or the Courtyards Office, during the contract period is subject to the conditions of the Employment Agreement.

Areas of Responsibility

 Time Commitments

  1. Assist with opening and closing of the facilities at the beginning and at the end of each semester and provide office coverage over vacations, holidays, and semester breaks when buildings are open (including Holidays and Spring Break).
  2. Attend and participate in all staff training sessions.  This includes, but is not limited to, Spring and Summer, Capstone U, and in-services as requested by the Assistant Director for Resident Life.
  3. Be present to work for 10 hours each week at the Front Desk.

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Assist in implementing daily building operations and services
  2. Perform a variety of administrative support duties.
  3. Copying documents.
  4. Scanning documents.
  5. Answering phones.
  6. Logging in & out packages.
  7. Conducting package audits.
  8. Collecting rent payments and writing receipts.
  9. Work closely with office staff to complete special projects.
  10. Provide excellent customer service.
  11. Maintain strict confidentiality with the information you have access to at the desk.

Policy Enforcement

Be knowledgeable on The Courtyards policies in order to best inform residents with questions.

Role Model

  1. Conduct yourself in an honest, conscientious, and courteous manner at all times, showing respect for persons of all backgrounds, races, genders, interests and abilities. 
  2. Provide excellent customer service to any and all persons who come into The Courtyards Clubhouse, call the phone, deliver packages, etc.

Communication and Referral

  1. Provide residents with information on The Courtyards and University services and refer residents to appropriate services.
  2. Work cooperatively with all Courtyards Staff members.
  3. Maintain on-going communication with the Assistant Director for Resident Life and the Courtyards Office in regards to issues or concerns related to the residents or facilities.
  4. Follow established channels when voicing opinions regarding the office and policy, procedures, or processes.
  5. Support the goals and philosophies of The Courtyards.