Fresh Eyes Consulting

Fresh Eyes is a consulting service to help universities position campus housing programs to enhance recruitment, retention, and student success. More traditional housing consulting approaches focus on unit type preferences, rent tolerances, and the relative demand for off-campus housing options.  In contrast, Fresh Eyes focuses on organic growth.  How full-time student enrollment – both historical and projections for future growth – informs the planning process for on-campus housing.  And conversely, how a campus housing program — when carefully planned and positioned to recruit and retain a student — can serve as a tool in enrollment growth.

The Fresh Eyes process is completed in three consecutive days on a campus, involving informational interviews with university officials, student focus groups, and a tour of the existing housing stock.  The analysis and recommendations are provided in a presentation on the third day. A critical part of the presentation involves COCM’s proprietary “Housing Calculator,” which uses enrollment data to project future housing needs. Our past clients have found the Housing Calculator takes much of the mystery and confusion out of the common question: “How much housing do we really need?”

For more detailed information on the Fresh Eyes program, please see the Fresh Eyes Consulting information package.