About Us

Our Story

Capstone On-Campus Management (COCM), with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, is a group of student housing professionals focused on providing management and consulting services for on-campus housing communities.  100% of the communities in our portfolio are located on-campus, with active university participation.

Our management services range from turn-key to custom arrangements in which we share roles and responsibilities with our university client (shared governance).  We also offer a consulting service called Fresh Eyes, which helps universities position their campus housing program to enhance student success, recruitment, and retention.

We believe our owners, clients, and residents should expect and receive remarkable services.  Our commitment to this level of service has resulted in great outcomes for our campus partners:  improved operations / greater affordability to the students, housing programs that enhance recruitment and retention, and increased student satisfaction. 

Since we began in 2003, we have continued to grow:  from 2,186 student residents at three campuses, to our current 35,573 residents at 40 campuses.

“COCM has consistently demonstrated its commitment to collaboration with our many university departments, and in the process, has created a strong partnership with CCNY.   Additionally, their top-down corporate support, specifically in the area of financial analysis and reporting, has been a strong factor in the financial success of our housing community.”

Felix Lam
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The City College of New York

Our Values

We have a simple, but important mission:
To continue to excel as specialists in the management of student housing owned by non-profits.

This mission defines our purpose and provide a clear road map for how we approach each day. It guides how we make decisions, who we select as management associates, as well as how we work with our non-profit owners and related university stakeholders. It also sets us apart from management companies that own and operate off-campus student housing and have much different priorities and objectives.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

From the beginning, COCM’s mission has been to provide management and consulting services for student housing owned by non-profits and/or highly affiliated with a college or university. By staying focused on this mission, we have grown from an initial 2,186 beds on 3 campuses, to our current portfolio of over 35,000 beds on 40 campuses.

COCM is a management company with no ownership in the properties we manage – freeing us from any conflict of interest when working on a project with multiple stakeholders. We manage more on-campus housing under this structure than any student housing company.

Talent Agency

The secret to our success is no secret at all. We focus on serving as a talent agency for professionals with higher education backgrounds and experience in on-campus housing. Professionals who thrive in a campus environment and are dedicated to building strong communities where students can succeed. We provide them the opportunity and the support structure to excel.

Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

COCM is a privately-owned management company. Why is this important? Because it gives us the freedom to act in a fiduciary manner on behalf of our university / owner partners. It also allows us to make decision based upon doing what is right for all involved, with the undue influence of shareholders and market moves.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Being a good on-campus management partner is more than providing remarkable services for your university partners and owners. It’s also about giving back to the people and industry you serve. We do this through initiatives that help higher education professionals gain insight into the power of strong campus housing programs.

In 2012, we launched a blog called Student Housing Matters, to provide our associates, colleagues, and leaders in higher education a forum for discussing and learning about current affairs in campus housing and the overall mission of higher education. An important feature of Student Housing Matters is a podcast called, “Join the Conversation,” which to date has provided us the honor of interviewing many fascinating and inspiring university presidents, student affairs and housing professionals, leaders of higher education organizations, as well as noted authors and thought leaders.

“Lake Michigan College began working with COCM before we finalized the design of our first student residential housing building.  This was absolutely the right decision – COCM was with us every step of the way, from consulting on specific, practical design details, to developing a first year operating budget, to setting policies and procedures, to suggesting strategies for recruiting residents.  The depth of experience that COCM brought to the table was invaluable, and that knowledge coupled with the calming personalities of the COCM team helped get us through the project planning and first year of operations without a nervous breakdown.  I would recommend COCM to any institution looking for help with a residential housing project.”

Kelli Hahn
Vice President, Finance
Lake Michigan College

“COCM has shown outstanding commitment to our students’ campus living experiences.   Our goal was to find a partner that could help us provide a seamless experience for our students.   From billing to programming, our residents get the developmental experience you would expect from any collegiate residential life program.  Further, the on-site staff has truly embraced the college by engaging in relevant meetings and trainings to supporting student organization events and sports competitions.”

Angela Dreessen Dean of Student Success Illinois Central College

Campus Partners

By staying focused on providing management services exclusively to student housing owned by non-profits and/or highly affiliated with a university, we have grown from an initial 2,186 beds on 3 campuses, to our current portfolio of over 35,000 beds on 40 campuses.

Links to information about the campus communities we manage are provided via the campus logos below.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with COCM from the early stages of the Fresh Eyes Consulting program to daily feedback we received on our project. We feel that COCM’s attention to detail and expertise on student housing has given us an edge in the student housing market.”

Anthony P. Nero
President of Development
Armada Hoffler Properties


COCM is actively involved in a number of higher education organizations and/or conferences that share our values regarding strong on-campus housing programs and student success.